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For more than thirty years, I have experienced the challenges women we are facing nowadays: haste, a poor lifestyle, self-doubt, fear and a continuous self-pressure to achieve perfection. I felt stressed, overwhelmed and ultimately disconnected from my real essence. Sounds familiar?

For many years I have asked myself:
· How could I truly eliminate fear and overcome limitations?
· How could I live a healthier life?
· Why besides reaching my career goals I felt unfulfilled?
· How could I get to know myself better, reconnect and discover my true purpose?
· How could I find true love?


the secrets

My 20 years of inner journey helped me to discover the secrets to transform my life forever. Suddenly everything happened! I meet the love of my life at 45, had two incredible babies at 46 and 49 and for the first time in 20 years, I started to control my autoimmune problems.

Also, right before turning 50 I had the strength to quit my “booming” job as an international sales executive and I started this amazing project to serve others.


you forward

Now, my passion is helping women to find their path to live an extraordinary life. Small changes can drive you to big opportunities and my mission is to help you getting there.

With countless success stories around the world, I have created the program “Master Your Life” to empower women like you to achieve happiness, success and wellbeing in every area of your life.

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