We live a super fast life. We look like Formula 1 drivers. For a long time I also drove a “Fast Life Car” that prevented me from achieving many of my personal and professional goals, because going so fast is almost always the worst strategy to achieve success, happiness and well-being. But how does living so fast affect our lives?

Success – One of the main problems of living so fast is that we lose focus of what is really important. Through focus, all thought is accessed: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision making, among many other things. Therefore, if we lose focus and cannot think effectively, we will not be able to produce the quality of work necessary to be successful.

Happiness – Very aptly Deepak Chopra said “Almost 50 percent of the formula for happiness depends on the things we choose to do in our daily lives. But if because of the speed with which we live we choose to perform tasks that don’t bring us physical, mental and spiritual balance, we will rarely be able to achieve happiness.

Well-Being – A sense of well-being helps to improve mood, depression, stress and anxiety produced by the accelerated life we have. Living with tranquility helps to have higher levels of energy and vitality, fundamental to walk the path towards our goals.

For a long time I stumbled upon the same stone. I wanted to turn my life around, and although I started with a lot of energy, I soon abandoned my goals, because haste and unimportant things always invaded my daily life. But one day everything changed. I decided to create a ritual that would help me start the day with tranquility, focused on what was important with a high level of energy and vitality that would allow me to be myself and progress on the path to success, happiness and well-being.

If you also want to incorporate a ritual into your life to connect with your inner strength and achieve all the goals you set, I recommend that you join my group, Powerful Mornings.

One of the main keys to success, happiness and well-being is to include a winning routine in your life. And among all the routines, having a morning routine that helps you feel calm, that helps you connect with your inner power, that helps you be centered and make good decisions, that helps you feel balance and generate abundance, is key to reaching all of your goals daily, weekly, monthly, annually…

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