Everything starts within you.

Let´s make the world a better place

Only by giving you can make yourself greater.  We believe that every woman and every child have the right to dream a greater future.

When you invest in yourself through our program, you are also changing the world. Because with every product you purchase, you are also contributing towards another person future. 
We support non profit organisations that are helping vulnerable women and children around the world towards a flourishing future.
Every time you touch a heart you are contributing to provide education for enhancing their potential, making positive impact to their communities and realising their dreams.
Thank you for becoming a Star in their Lives. 

Vipeika fundation

No child should go hungry or die for this cause.

At Vipeika we believe that every human being from birth has the right to a dignified life and the right to develop as a person.
The Vipeika Foundation works to ensure that children living in areas of extreme poverty around the world have the nutrition and education to maintain their smiles, develop personally and intellectually, and contribute to the prosperity of their communities.


Every child should discover their unique passion and power-filled purpose and live It. The iThemba Trust brings hope into the lives of children providing an education of excellence through the Orange Grove Schools.

Our children are being offered opportunities that will have a significant impact not only on their own lives but also on the lives of their families and of their communities. Their future has become one of hope and freedom from an otherwise despairing cycle of poverty.


African Angels Wellness & Education Initiative

We empower women and youths from impoverished backgrounds, through life coaching, skills training, recognised qualifications, and job placement in the Beauty, Hospitality and Personal Care Sector.

Our program inspires renewed dignity and hope with the prospect of job placement, which brings financial security and a greater sense of self-worth. Providing vibrant women and youths in remote regions with access to live their best life and reach their higher purpose is what drives us to do the work we do. 

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